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Palazzo della Meridiana is located in the heart of Genoa city centre, at one end of the magnificent outlook of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century palaces which now constitute via Garibaldi, formerly “Strada Nuova”.The building overlooks Piazza della Meridiana, which takes its name precisely from the fresco on the façade of the Palace. The entrance to the Rooms and halls for events is in Salita San Francesco 4. Access for the disabled from Piazza della Meridiana 6.


Many central and pedestrian streets of Genoa stem from Piazza della Meridiana:

- via Cairoli (formerly “Strada Nuovissima”) that leads to the west, and further towards Genova Principe railway station

- via ai Quattro Canti di San Francesco, which descends towards the sea, crossing a network of large streets, arteries of the old city. In a few minutes you can easily reach the area of the Old Port and the Aquarium

- Salita San Francesco, which goes up the hill of Castelletto, which offers the most amazing view of the city

- the beautiful via Garibaldi, formerly “Strada Nuova”, which houses Palazzo Doria Tursi, the Town Hall, the Galleries of Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino and nine other buildings from the sixteenth- and seventeenth century, in an extraordinary avenue

The complex of the “Palazzi di Strada Nuova” is the model of social and economic identity which initiated the modern age urban architecture in Europe. It exerted such a strong influence on urban and architectural heritage that it became an example for other countries, and is, at the same time, a testimony of an age of the city – the seventeenth-century Genoa – which was able to reach the summits of political and economic power in continental Europe.


All the palaces of the area, including Palazzo Grimaldi della Meridiana, are part of the Palazzi dei Rolli of Genoa, and they represent the most beautiful and prestigious buildings (Unesco Heritage).The palace is located in a restricted traffic area, being in the heart of Genoa city centre.

Taxis, cars with chauffeur, and cars for the disabled have privileged access.
In case of events and receptions, it is possible to request permission to access a limited number of cars.
The nearest parking lots are located in the area of Piazza della Nunziata, Piazza Piccapietra and Piazza Dante.


Genova Palazzo della Meridiana
Salita San Francesco 4
16124 Genova
tel.010 2541996

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