AIV XXII Conference

From Evangelista Torricelli to Andre Geim:
conceptual architectures for Ambient, Energy, Healthcare

The AIV XXII Conference focuses on several strategic and fundamental goals of Horizon 2020 program. The Conference will be a forum for researchers to present the most recent developments, provide prospects for development, promote competitiveness and innovation in the global economic growth and stimulate collaborative efforts between researchers and industrial world.


Conference sessions
  • Fusion Technology

    ITER: a huge step towards the realization of fusion energy. DEMOnstration fusion reactor: the final step before the commercial fusion plants

  • Industrial Plasmas

    Microelectronics, micro-nanotechnology, energy and environmental technology, the life sciences and plasma medicine

  • Surface Science and Nanostructuring at Surfaces

    Characterization of surfaces and ultrathin films – New fabrication and characterization methods and processes for ultrathin films and novel nanostructured materials

  • Innovative Materials for Microelectronics and Sensors

    Deposition and fabrication methods for micro- and nano-electronics. Smart technologies, non-volatile memories and micro-sensors.

  • Biointerfaces

    Biomaterials , tissue engineering, microfluidics and biomedical devices

  • Vacuum technology: particle accelerators for Fundamental Research and Medical applications

    Vacuum issues in the operation of the LHC injector, superconducting cavities for the European XFEL, NEG pumps, control process innovations in research and industrial vacuum systems